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Hard Work
Answer Every Call & Email
Spend Your Taxes Wisely
Listen To You

For the past four years I have had the pleasure and privilege of serving you at City Hall. When you gave me your vote of confidence in 2013, you asked me to fight for lower taxes, keep the issues at city hall transparent and remember the hard working families and individuals before spending money.

Well I'm proud to say that I listened to you and working together, we did lower taxes, we did cut spending and I kept you informed about issues affecting you.

The next four years are going to be challenging; we will need to work harder with less money. We cannot expect to burden families and individuals with additional taxes you simply cannot afford.

I am asking you to re-elect me and I promise I will continue to represent you in a cost conscious and effective manner.

PUDDISTER voted against the budget because taxes ware already too high in 2015
  PUDDISTER showed leadership in reducing taxes in 2017 by 10%
  PUDDISTER fought for a $16 million reduction in unnecessary spending
  PUDDISTER fought for new fire stations in Goulds and East End
  PUDDISTER fought for students safety and PEDWAY on Topsail Road for new High School
PUDDISTER fought to keep lateral repair program, saving families thousands of dollars
  PUDDISTER informed the public about Mile One subsidy and the missing funds
  PUDDISTER fought for more sensible & cost effective solution for bike lanes
  PUDDISTER fought against Canada Post poorly planned approach to mail boxes
  PUDDISTER informed the people of public issues that were being discussed in private meetings
Keep staffing levels as low as possible
  Eliminate unnecessary spending
  Review the cost/benefit of Metrobus
  Keep Mile One subsidy as low as possible
Help our seniors & low income families
  Do not use assessment year to increase spending
  Lower taxes in assessment year
Protect our open spaces
  Protect historic downtown
  Support our talented visual and performing artists
  Reduce cost of recreation to seniors
Would you like to:
  take a lawn sign
  deliver brochures
  drive on election day
If interested, please call: 727-3428

Please email me, or call me if you have any questions. Phone: 727-3428
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